Dubai is one of the most expensive places to live; nevertheless, it is a beautiful city with lots of attraction centers. If you’re living in Dubai and planning to get married, but you’re on a budget for the floral decorations, that shouldn’t be a problem as we’ve got your covered.

Getting wedding flowers on a budget in Dubai

Flowers for a wedding can be very expensive, but you must inevitably get them. They help decorate the hall or arena, and the bride is also expected to have one. Floral decoration is inevitable when planning a wedding reception. So what are you going to do – since you’re on a budget for your wedding flowers?

Well, it is important to say that one cannot estimate the exact cost of flowers for a wedding until the couples present their requirements. Also, the wedding reception arena’s size will affect the number of flowers to be used, and in turn, increase the budget for floral decorations. Most times, you will see couples allocating roughly 10% of their entire wedding budget to buying of flowers and floral decorations. This is not the case with all couples we have worked with; some people allocate more than 10% while others may not reserve up to that percentage for floral decorations. Nevertheless, it is the work of the event planner to get the couples to understand the average cost for floral decorations for their special day.

Natural flowers vs. artificial flowers

Basically, natural flowers are costlier, and when you’re on a budget, it is advisable to ditch these flowers and go for aesthetical artificial flowers. There are good, original, budget-friendly artificial flowers that look and feel so much like natural flowers. It may be hard to tell the difference between such artificial flowers and natural ones.

More so, when you go for Natural Flowers, after using them for the event, there’s a high possibility that you cannot reuse them again. In contrast, when you go for artificial or silk flowers, there’s a high possibility that you can reuse them some other time (for another event). An unpopular thought about going for artificial flowers is the fact that you could resell them to someone else (especially if there are many of them).

What more?

It can be challenging to get the exact natural flowers that would match the color of the wedding. But in contrast, there are varieties of artificial flowers, and they can be easily bought online or offline from malls and shops. In fact, it is best to pick on artificial flowers when you’re on a budget. However, this doesn’t mean that natural flowers aren’t good for weddings – they are simply expensive, most likely not reusable, and it can be hard to find a good match for your event.

You should work in hand with the event planner to get the best flowers to create fascinating floral decorations for your special day. Flowers add beauty to decorations and also leave positive impressions on many people.

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