This is Us

From idea conceptualization to design, planning to event management, all of us at Iva Events take pleasure in listening to your innermost desires and unspoken imaginations, to help you bring to life your dream event.
Consistently innovative, we employ only the most novel and beautiful concepts that suits your person, purpose, budget, clime and time. We are able to adapt because of the wealth of experience among our ranks. Our professional project managers and other dedicated able hands would stop at nothing to make every event a success.
We are in business with your event, and we know we don’t succeed unless it’s flawless. We know what it takes to get your event to surpass expectations, and this is what we can tell you up-front.
If you want proper management, or you simply want to create magic. Then, you should be talking to us. We will deliver a tailored event that reflects you from every shade.
Let’s just say we know the right spells to make the magic.

All we ever want to be is that event planner that understands and satisfies client to their expectations and with peace of mind.

To ensure every event is a success. We will achieve this through flawless execution, creative touches, dedication and high professionalism, leaving all of our clients with our extraordinary signature of a beautiful experience.

Founder | Event Planner

Hello & thanks for choosing Iva Events! I’m Iva, your event planner available to listen to your ideas and ready to develop innovative events.

While there may be thousands of event planning companies to choose from, you don’t want to gamble with your perhaps once-in-a-lifetime event. You want a company that provides that personal touch and is skillful in its delivery, would never give excuses, would never lower the bar, that would always show up, and show up strong.

Because my team and I set this as our baseline is why our clients have come to trust us over the years. With us, there is neither risks nor uncertainty; we plan and we work to plan. This is why we have remained top-choice in the UAE.

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