The last Lamma family festival was a huge success, and all attendees were impressed by how Iva Events planned and managed the festival. Due to Iva Events team’s impressive handwork at the Lamma Family festival, the team was employed to oversee the 7th Annual Ceremony – a Governmental event of high prestige. This event was going to host a high number of dignitaries and important officials. It was a very big ceremony; however, Iva Events were trusted to know what to do.

While the 7th Annual Ceremony usually lasts for a few hours, Iva Events started preparations afore-time. Actually, the event planning team kicked off preparations three days before the date of the event. Carefully and sequentially, the Iva Event team designed the custom triangular LED tunnel while the AV team worked on their assignments/aspects. Iva Events team monitored the AV team’s workflow to ensure that everything went smoothly and in accordance with the clients’ needs. This ceremony is a huge and highly-respected one; thus, the Iva Events wouldn’t love to disappoint the client and ruin their solid reputation. Before the actual day of the event, everything needed for the ceremony is already in place. Plus, the event team test ran the entire equipment and devices to ensure they were all functioning as supposed. On the D-Day, Iva Events team also made some polishes to some parts of the ceremony arena to make everything look perfect and sparkling. The tables and chairs were covered in black cloths – adorned with four gold platters. There were white plates on rose gold charger plates (about 10 of them), three vases with floating candles, and a single vase with three beautiful yellow/white tulips.

The violinists did the first musical performance, and at this time, the event had begun. Guests were coming in numbers, and within a short time, the arena was filled by adorable guests – looking beautiful and fascinating. Virtually all the guests were wearing broad smiles; you could tell that they are impressed with the décor.

However, behind the scenes, at the AV control booth, the Iva Event team stayed put into ensuring that all the equipment worked fine, and nothing gets bridged. Just to mention a few, the team triggered the smoke machine whenever there was a need for that. The lights were also turned off for the LED show, so the display appears crystal-clear to the anticipating audience.

A sequence of activities went on at the 7th Annual Ceremony event, and they all ran seamlessly. All corners of the arena looked beautiful – you could see people taking photographs here and there because every corner seemed a perfect background for a stunning picture. At the end of the event, everyone that attended was happy, and there were no side complaints. Iva Events actually did what they know how to do and added another successful event to their record.

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