Holidays are meant to be enjoyed to the fullness, and different people have different ways of spending their holiday.

The December holiday is typically special and arguably the most celebrated holiday worldwide. Some people see this period as a time to get enough rest from work and plan for another year – some others prefer to go all for entertainment and/or spend time with their families.

For the sake of fun and spending time with the family, Sharjah Museum Authority planned a 5-day family festival from 24th – 28th December at the archaeology museum, Sharjah. The festival was named Lamma and Iva Events was in charge in planning and managing this festival.

The event team were 24/7 on site to ensure that everything is rightly in place before the event activities start taking place. Things that were done (by Iva Event) before the start of the “family festival” include mixing the colorful floss sugar, swing set tests, blowing up the giant dart, cleaning up the environment, ensuring that the venue was safe and secure, checking on the electrical needs for the food trucks.

Our venue was a large green space – there were lots of things to explore, and many more activities to engage with. From taking pictures with the giant red chair at the entrance to science workshops

Iva Events situated the food trucks at both ends of the field (left and right) in a way that they surrounded the picnic benches. Hence, families that were present at the festival sat on the benches as they order for various tasty meals. However, some families simply sat to savor the live performance that’s happening on the field.

Different sizes of vibrant bean bags were strategically placed around the field so that people (both adults and kids) could sit anywhere they like. More interesting, there were colorful steel barrels for people who ate on the go or stood to chat with each other.

Towards dusk, the fairy lights were turned on; they were enchanting and appeared like some magical galaxy of stars on the sky. We actually enjoyed a casual atmosphere as the event was apparently a joyful one; kids ran from one activity to another while their parents discussed or played along with them.

At movie times, the energy at the event gets relaxed a bit – the kids were hooked with the movies and their parents, plus other grownups enjoy some relaxation.

Of all the spots at the venue, the popcorn and cotton candy spots were the busiest. These spots are close to the cinema area; thus, it was easily accessible for everyone; kids could quickly get to either of the stands to grab a snack and rush back to the movie hall.

The event was really blissful, and everyone enjoyed it; you could tell this from the happy looks on the face of all (both kids and adults). One can say that this event’s actual goal was achieved, thanks to Iva Events and everyone else that contributed in one way or another.

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