Irrespective of your location, growing a business requires a lot of hard work and a high-level smartness. In Dubai, specifically, Event Planners are confronted with some common challenges. These challenges are what you’re going to explore in this article, as well as how you can tackle/solve them.

Challenge One (1): Budget

When planning an event in Dubai, some planners overspend while others may not have a sufficient budget to run their events as they would like. Either way, that has always been the most common challenge faced by event planners. Nevertheless, before identifying as an event planner, it is advisable that you know and understands how the business functions.


Before submitting a quote or proposal to a client, you should sit down and plan a realistic budget for the client’s proposed event. Make a list that contains the estimated pricing of every gear, gadget, accessory, device, etc. that would be used for the event. Also, try to come with different plans/budgets – like Plan A, Plan B, and so on. If Plan A is looking to fail, introduce Plan B, and maintain your professionalism

Challenge Two (2): Choosing The Right Venue

Some events may require an outdoor venue, while others may need to be done behind doors. Deciding on the venue that best suits a client’s event is not an easy gig to crack, but this is something you must do. The event’s venue plays an important role and further determines the theme and elements to be used for the event.


Try to know if the client wants a specific theme/concept for the event and work with that when seeking a befitting venue. The venue should be accessible by all expected guests, and it’d be best if the venue has some modern features such as AV production, beautifully designed stage, and more. Space is also important – the venue needs to be spacious enough to contain all dignitaries and guests.

Challenge Three (3): Keeping Track of the Little Things

Little things still matter a lot. According to Giorgio Armani, “To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.”

Having this quote in mind, you shouldn’t neglect to look into every small element that may be needed for the event.


Set up teams and assign them to different roles and responsibilities. Each team needs a leader that is obligated to ensure that the team members are doing what is expected. The leader would be accountable for any disruption or chaos caused by a member of his team. This way, everything would be perfectly held under control, including disposables.

Challenge Four (4): Planning a Memorable Event

Both the event planner and the client would love a memorable event, while it’d strengthen the planner’s portfolio, it would also make the client feel satisfied, and he’d recommend you to others. But planning a memorable event is not as easy as it may sound.


Always think out of the box while keeping abreast of the industry’s newest trends. Creativity is highly needed; everything is a concept; you need to create a stunning picture out of it. Also, don’t make the event a boring one, make sure there are quite a bunch of things to entertain the guest and keep their spirits high all through the event.

Challenge Five (5): Time Management

As the saying goes – “Time waits for no one.” There may be lots of things a client wants to take place in his event – you should study the client’s brief or list of events and check if there’d be time for all that.


Try to get the client to understand the need to prioritize all proposed activities and remove some likely unnecessary entries. However, if the client insists, then some adjustments should be made to the event’s “start” and “end” times.

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